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In the realm of utilizing services offered by the INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Site, INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Platform, or INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Services, references such as "You," "Your," and "Yours" pertain to any individual. On the other hand, pronouns like "We," "Our," and "Us" specifically denote INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD. When mentioning "INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD," it signifies INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Limited, a legal entity duly registered in Peiraios, 30, 1st floor, Flat/Office 1, Strovolos, 2023, Nicosia, Cyprus with the registration number HE 455890, and its registered office located at [Registered Office Address]. The term "INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD parties" encompasses INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD, its affiliates, subsidiaries, and the respective directors, employees, agents, and shareholders. "The Site" explicitly refers to the INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Site (, encompassing all of its content, while "INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Platform" denotes internet-based software, API, and additional technologies that facilitate access to INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Services.


We provide software and services, collectively referred to as the "INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Services," which encompass reporting tools and fraud protection integral to the INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Services. This provision includes access to application programming interfaces (APIs), software development kits (SDKs), and related technologies to facilitate the seamless implementation of INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Services.

By registering, accessing, or using the INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD website, platform, or services, you implicitly agree to these terms. If you don't agree, you must immediately stop using the site and our services.

The INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD site and its features are provided "as is" for personal use. As long as you comply with the Terms of Use and applicable laws, you have a personal, non-commercial, and revocable right to use the INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD platform and its content.

If you want to use INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD services beyond the usual, you need our written consent. Using the platform against our Terms of Use or applicable laws is considered a breach.

You are not allowed to exploit the INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD platform and site without our prior written consent.


Customers are offered a 3-day trial period for €2.35 throughout the registration process. The Care plan will automatically upgrade to $49.99 per month, the Treatment plan to $69.99 per month, and the Maintenance plan to $89.99 per month if a consumer stays subscribed after the trial time.

Preauthorization of renewal fees is an entitlement that INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD maintains. The renewal amount may be canceled and promptly returned to the original payment source if a user requests a refund.

INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD retains the authority to modify membership costs to the benefit of the client by providing service reductions ranging from 00% to 00%. Within five, seven, or fifteen days following the invoice date, services may be renewed at a discounted rate. There's a chance that INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD offers lifetime savings.

Upgrades to the €69.99 and €89.99 service plans are available, and they include more sophisticated materials and functions.

There is no renewal cost if a consumer cancels their subscription within the first three days of the trial term.

If numerous venues are linked using any payment method, each individual purchase made during the transaction will show up on the Subscriber's statement. Additional Subscriber Statement information may be included on in accordance with credit card association standards, telephone regulations, or other necessary rules and regulations.

On our website, there are several ways to make payments:

Diners Club, Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Maestro

The Subscriber will be shown these additional payment options when they visit the Payment Page.

Before making a payment, the customer acknowledges and agrees to the Terms of Use, Refund Policy, and Privacy Policy of Checking a box (i.e., using the "click to accept" technique) indicates your complete agreement of the terms and conditions when you subscribe to any services.

INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD maintains the right to launch marketing partnerships' promotional programs and provide discounts on both the original and renewal payments at a lower cost.

Recurring payments

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the site, unless the subscriber requests a cancellation, subscription costs may be automatically renewed at the conclusion of the first term selected for a comparable length of time and at the same or lower rate. The Subscriber grants permission to charge their chosen payment method for the continuously charged membership fee until this agreement is terminated in line with the terms stated below. Additionally, the Subscriber grants permission to to charge them for any further transactions they make on the website.


Every chargeback is carefully investigated, and depending on the circumstances, it can affect future purchases made on In the event of fraud claims, may get in touch with the card issuer to protect the subscriber and stop further unauthorized payments from being made on their card. For more information, please refer to the Refund Policy.


INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD guarantees a complete reimbursement of the money within 14 days of the transaction. INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD is always willing to make accommodations and reimburse a customer for their original request. Go to the Refund Policy page for a detailed summary of the Terms & Conditions.


1. The subscriber acknowledges and accepts that all content on the website is exclusive to the company and constitutes valuable copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property. Your confirmation that you are an adult agreeing to pay all Membership Fees and your agreement to the representations, warranties, and acknowledgments in this Agreement give the Company the right to grant you a single user license to access its computer servers and use the Website only for your personal, non-commercial entertainment, use for education, and enjoyment.

2. You acknowledge and accept all of the terms, warranties, conditions, obligations, and other provisions set forth in this Agreement by using the Website, obtaining a membership through subscription or other means, accessing any password-protected areas of the Website, downloading any "member's only" content from the Website, and accepting these Terms and Conditions. You also authorize and accept full financial responsibility for all charges specified in this Agreement.

3. You can get in touch with our Support Team to obtain a refund within 14 days of the charge. In order to stop your membership, you must cancel your subscription TWO (2) DAYS in advance of the end of the current term (or, if you are on a trial membership, within the trial period). Only members who have recently upgraded or started a new subscription can access some features.

4. You understand and agree that the Company will automatically renew your membership to the Website if you do not send the Company a request to cancel your membership at least TWO (2) DAYS prior to the membership expiration term (including any free or promotional membership terms) or within the trial membership period.

5. The Company maintains the right to terminate any membership at any moment and for any reason. All cancellations must be received by the Company at least TWO (2) DAYS prior to your membership expiring in order for them to take effect.

6. You understand and consent that your password will be deleted from the system at the conclusion of the current membership period, and you will still be eligible to receive all of the benefits of your membership through the end of that membership period, in the event that you or the Company cancels your membership. If, for any reason, you terminate your membership before the end of the current membership month, you will not be eligible for a refund.

7. You can visit the Unsubscribe Page or give us a message by email at to terminate your subscription at

Data Protection

When providing INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Services, we handle data as a processor, while you, as the user, act as the controller under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We only process data based on the instructions you provide, and it's your responsibility to ensure you have the necessary consent from your clients for us to process their personal data through INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD.


The Site's virus-free or entirely secure status is not guaranteed. Users are responsible for their information technology setup, programs, and platforms for Site access. The usage of personal virus protection software is recommended.

Intellectual Property Rights

Users acknowledge that everything on the INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Site, Platform, and APIs is owned by INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD, its affiliates, partners, suppliers, or licensors. These are protected by intellectual property laws and international treaty provisions.


The INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD name and logos belong to INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD and its affiliates. Any other marks, graphics, icons, names, and logos on the INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Site belong to their respective owners.

Information on the Site

The information on the site isn't complete, so it's not a good idea to rely on it alone for business or legal decisions. It's recommended to seek professional advice based on any information or advice obtained from the site.

Privacy Notice and Use of Cookies

Using the site and INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Platform follows the rules outlined in our Privacy Policy, which is mentioned along with these Terms of Use.

Third Party Products and Links to Other Websites

The site might show offers, products, services, and links from other websites. We're not responsible for what those sites do or for your privacy there. Before using them, it's a good idea to check their terms, conditions, and privacy policies.


The site might show offers, products, services, and links from other websites. We're not responsible for what those sites do or for your privacy there. Before using them, it's a good idea to check their terms, conditions, and privacy policies.

Prohibited Activities. Suspension of Services

We can limit INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD services for certain activities and might stop or end services without warning in specific situations.

How May These Terms of Use Be Changed

Changes to these Terms of Use will be posted on the site. Users will be told about important changes. If you keep using INQ AMPLY STRATEGIES LTD Services, it means you accept the changes.

Miscellaneous Provisions

No Giving Up: Not using rights under these Terms of Use doesn't mean giving up those rights. Separation: If some parts are not valid, it doesn't affect the other parts. Uncontrollable Events: If something beyond control stops performance, it's not our fault. Passing on Rights: You can't give your rights or duties under these terms to someone else without written permission. All legal disputes related to card processing are handled under Cyprus law.

Effective Date: 16.04.2024